Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah claims she’s a changed woman now

No one could forget Hareem Shah. She rose to fame by making videos on a social and entertainment site TikTok. She soon became social media sensation and made videos with some bigwigs including ministers, politicians and celebrities.

Hareem remained disappeared from all means of social media for a long period of time. Some claimed that she has left the country while some said that she was hiding at a safe place in order to save her life. No one exactly knew what happened to her.

However, the TikTok girl is back once again. This time, she hasn’t made any video with anyone. In a video interview, Hareem Shah claims that she’s a completely changed girl now and she has decided to go back to her roots. She also held that she has deeply repented for her actions.

“I had no intention to hurt anyone. Whatever I was doing was just for fun. If my actions and my videos have hurt anyone, I apologize to everyone and promise that it won’t be happening again. No one is perfect. There is always a good and bad side to someone’s personality. I have been trying to change that bad side of mine and I will succeed with it soon,” Hareem said.

Hareem Shah

She said that she had made her decision to leave Pakistan forever. However, when she saw her father crying in a video, she couldn’t hold her heart and decided to come back.

“He’s my father. Whatever I am, it’s because of him and I made him cry, I saw him crying. It was because of me. I feel ashamed about it. When I decided to come back here [to Pakistan], I had made my mind that I will apologize to my father and everyone else and will promise that I won’t do anything like that again,” the TikTok girl added.

Hareem Shah also claimed that she has distanced herself from TikTok and other social networking sites and ended all kind of relations with her ex-friend Sandal Khattak.

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