haraam ki zindagi

Haraam Ki Zindagi | Short Film

The title of the story

Being successful in life is the most amazing thing. But in achieving that success, forgetting your limits is not allowed. And if you do so, then your success won’t be legit. Most people don’t believe this and get involved in some illegitimate jobs.

About the Story

Haraam Ki Zindagi is based on the story of these kind of people who take shortcuts in their life to achieve success. For example, if it’s politics, the person will go at any extent to earn as much as he can. And for that, he could also adopt the path to do corruption, loot the people’s money and fill own bank accounts.

In this story, (Haraam Ki Zindagi), a girl is seen involved in a business of prostitution. She is waiting for someone who could become her night customer and pay her well. A person named Nadir Baqri passes by there and finds the girl standing on the roadside. He stops the vehicle and gives her lift.

While at home, he asks the girl what forced her to join the prostitution business? She tells him that what other job could he do? And if she gets any job, she first has to sell herself and display her body in order to get selected. So why not doing the business which could earn her good amount.

Her words touch Nadir’s heart and he asks the girl to marry with someone and spend a peaceful and respectful life. She says who would like to marry such a girl and then asks Nadir would he be ready for that? Nadir gets shocked at first but after some thoughts in mind, he accepts her proposal.

Life becomes good for the girl who was once involved in the indecent business. She is living a good life with her husband now. One day when Nadir is not home, she sits in front of TV. Suddenly she gets to know that a corrupt politician has been arrested over allegations of wrongdoing. She gets shocked when Nadir’s name and his photo emerge in the news. It was her husband who looted the people’s money and gave her a life that was earned through illegal means.

She visits Nadir in jail. Nadir sees her and asks why did she come here at a place like this? She tells him that she is here just to ask one question. And then she asks her if he had to earn money through these means, then why he stopped her from selling herself? At least she was not taking anyone else’s money. Nadir feels ashamed, his wife leaves…

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how I would define myself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, I have worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, it is my dream to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through my lens. You can write to me at mohsinsoomro10[@] gmail (dot) com)

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