Firdous Jamal Mahira Khan

Firdous Jamal opens up about calling Mahira Khan ‘a bad actress’

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal had landed himself in a controversy few months ago when he called Mahira Khan a bad actress. Social media users criticised him for giving such remarks for a female actor. However, Firdous Jamal seems supporting his remarks even after severe criticism.

In an interview, the Landa Bazar actor opened up about the comments he made about Mahira, saying: “I made a very technical comment. I have not even met Mahira Khan. I do not know her. Someone asked me about her and I said, she’s a star but she’s not an actress. She is a good model though.”

Firdous Jamal Mahira Khan

He continued: “See whenever you look at someone, you question which institution they come from? Where did they study? Likewise performing arts has various departments. There is modelling, there is method acting or mechanical acting etc. There are different school of thoughts in acting. So we look at that school or background. Now her background is modelling.

Mahira Khan Firdous Jamal

Models tend to be very conscious about how they look. Because it is their job to look good in every frame. Because they are representing a product! They are not doing any character. They are a sales man or a sales woman and they need to be presentable for that. Mahira’s background is of modelling, so what I said was that her performance shows that she uses techniques and methods which are used in modelling.”

Explaining difference between a model and an actor, Firdous Jamal said:

“Models worry about lighting, makeup, their hair and features etc whereas an actor wouldn’t do that. Acting is based on self negation while modelling is self projection. So when you bring in self projection into acting, you are negating its basic principal. If you are concerned with self projection then you move out of the realm of characterization. So in this regard, I said she is not a good actress.”

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