Fasih Bari Khan

Fasih Bari: Dramas today are lacking good direction

Renowned writer Fasih Bari Khan says that the Pakistani dramas nowadays are lacking quality content and good direction. However, he says, if any drama fails to do good, all the blame is put only on writer. Director, cast and everyone else walks free.

In an interview, Bari shared his thoughts about scripts, direction, and acting that is being seen in dramas nowadays. The creative writer believes that everyone is buys in copying each other.

“If any drama is getting popular and gaining attention of the audience, all the other people in the industry start copying it and write script that is almost same. What they do is just change the faces and dialogues. The story remains same,” he said.

Bari continued: “Dramas today are commercializing sensitive issues such as rape, child abuse and others. If there is one hit drama made on that issue, all channels follow suit and start making dramas on the same issue in hopes of replicating those ratings. I think making dramas on such sensitive issues for the sake of good ratings is deeply problematic!”

Fasih Bari Khan

The 7 Din Mohabbat In director further went on to say that the writers are not creative anymore. They only write what they are being told to. Their creativity has been pushed aside and they can do nothing because they know if they oppose, they will lose the project.

“If the writer is asked to write a play in which he has to show a woman suffering, you get Meray Paas Tum Ho on screens. And luckily if that drama manages to earn some success, everyone tries to write a script to target woman as they think that it’s the hot topic these days. What a foolish thought.”

When asked about his views on the success of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s Meray Paas Tum Ho, Fasih Bari said:

“Meray Paas Tum Ho has been a success, therefore, everyone is going to try and make dramas on such kind of stories that target woman, show evil side of the woman, and then show her being left alone. Be prepared to see many dramas based on such stories now.”

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