Fan of Titanic? Listen famous track of the movie, in Meera’s voice

Did you like Leonardo DiCaprio starer Titanic movie? If your answer is Yes, then you must have listened to its evergreen song ‘My Heart Will Go On’. There is no doubt in it that Celine Dion sung it very well.

Most of the listeners are still listening the song even after 22 years since the movie hit the screens worldwide. According to some users, it still gives goosebumps whenever they listen to the lyrics of the song. And of course, the mesmerising voice of Celine Dion adds much spice!

However, Pakistani fans got a shock when they listened this song. They never thought they would have to see this. Our very own favorite, film star Meera Jee sung My Heart Will Go On so beautifully that everyone was left shocked. Yes, that’s absolutely true!

Meera was seen sitting on a set somewhere, holding a phone in her hand where probably she was looking at the lyrics of the song and struggling to sing it in her own voice to entertain people around her. She was doing that possibly on someone’s request because the people with her seemed enjoying Meera Jee singing. Well, maybe not all of them, but somehow, everyone gave a look that Meera thought she must continue singing.

Wanna listen to My Heart Will Go On Meera version? Here it is…

Irtiza Rubab, better known by her stage name Meera, is a Pakistani film actress, television presenter, and model who has worked in several Pakistani movies including Khilona, Inteha, and Salakhain. Meera has also acted in a joint Indo-Pakistani film, Nazar with which she debuted in Bollywood.

The glamorous girl is busy in the preparations of her wedding with her fiancé Captain Naveed. For her wedding, she visited India to meet her favorite designer Manish Malhotra to get his services for her wedding dress. Seems Meera Jee wants to look stunning on her big day.

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