Facebook ka pyar

Facebook Ka Pyar | Short Film

Facebook Ka Pyar is all about the love at first sight thing where a youth falls in love with a girl on social networking site by seeing her profile.

Hasaan and Raza are two friends living in a apartment together. Hasaan is a support team assistant in a computer network firm. Raza is a kind of playboy who owns many girlfriends at the same time whereas Hasaan struggles to search a decent girl for a sincere relationship.

One day, while Hasaan was scrolling down his Facebook profile, Raza comes out of his room, smiling while looking at the phone. Hasaan asks him about the reason of his smile. Raza tells him he is going on a date with one of his girlfriends. Hasaan says there’s Raza on one side who gets girlfriends every other day, and on the other side is him, who doesn’t finds any luck.

Next day, Hasaan wakes up, finds friend request of a girl Afshaan. The moment he looks at her profile, he smiles and accepts her request. Afshaan messages him and the chat history continues.

Raza notices that Hasaan is quite happy since last few days. When he asks the reason, Hasaan tells him that he has finally managed to get a girl on Facebook. Seriously? Who’s she? Raza asks. He tells him that she is from here. Raza says he’s happy for him.

Something changes suddenly

Days passed. Raza observes that Hasaan is silent for a long time. He asks him about the reason. Hasaan tells him that Afshaan isn’t replying to his messages. Instead, she’s blocked her. Raza asks him to wait, she will definitely message him. Suddenly his phone rings. It’s Afshaan apologising to Hasaan for being away for days. She tells him that her father is very ill and she needs 1 lac for his treatment. Hasaan decides to send her money and gets her account number.

Hasaan tells Raza that he will be going out of town for three days due to his business meetings. Raza says it’s okay. He will take care of the house.

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Hasaan enters house and finds Raza sitting with a girl. He says that Raza took the chance of his absence and brought the girl here. He comes closer and greets both of them. Raza gets surprised, confused and starts worrying after finding Hasaan in front of him.

Suddenly Hasaan looks at the girl. Oh God, it’s Afshaan. What are you doing with Raza? Hasaan asks her. What do you mean? He’s my boyfriend. Afshaan tells him. And Hasaan gets angry on her, tells her that it was him who sent him the money and she’s dating Raza. Afshaan doesn’t understand anything.

Hasaan takes out his phone and calls Afshaan on messenger and boom. Raza’s phone rings. It was Raza who was using fake id of Afshaan and talking to Hasaan. While knowing the truth, Afshaan slaps Raza and leaves.

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