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Public Service Message | Eid Special| Short Film

A public service message filmed by NewsPakistan.TV that shows how the society neglects those who are always ready to protect our lives, even on the days when the entire country is on holidays like Eid celebrations, or any other event of life.

The shoot is from the Eid day and everyone is seen coming out of the mosque after Eid prayers. Everyone wish each other for Eid greetings. A kid, who came to offer Eid prayers with his father, runs toward a police vehicle after coming out of the mosque. His father gets worried and looks at his son.

The boy shakes hand with a constable standing outside the mosque, probably for the security of the worshippers. The constable comes closer and shakes hand with the boy too.

The boy says that every year, people come and offer prayers of Eid here. You are always standing alert for their protection. You leave your home, your family, and offer your duties on these kinds of occasions. But no one come to you and wish you Eid greetings.

The constable says that it is his duty to stand there for the protection of the people. They have to offer their duties on these glorious days.

The boy then tells him that he is here to wish him for the Eid greetings. And then he hugs the constable.

This public service message teaches us that the people who are always there for our protection are also among us. They leave their family and their home to offer their duties so that we could have the celebrations peacefully. We should also care about them and greet them so that they could feel like home. They are also part of our society.

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

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