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Dark Circles Chapter 7 – Mirror


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents | door bell rings

Mirror | About the episode

There are many beliefs and superstitions attached to the mirrors in our legends and literature. However, no one has ever believed that mirrors could connect people, or some other creatures to our world and give them way to enter our world. This story tells something different.


A girl who has recently changed her apartment, calls her friend on a video call. As they both talk to each other, the guy notices that there is a big cloth on something. When he asks the girl about it, the girl tells him it’s a mirror. The guy inquires as to why is it covered. The girl tells her that her maid told her something strange about it.

She tells her friend that the maid told her to cover the mirror at night, or at least they should not be facing the bedside. When asked about the reason, the girl said that they could allow someone to enter through them. So it should be covered at night. The guy jokes about it.

Door bell rings. The girl asks the guy to wait for her. She checks the door and finds no one there. When she comes back, she sees that the call has been dropped. But the strange thing was that the cloth on the mirror has been removed a little. She finds it strange, however, gets up and sets the cloth to its position. The door bell rings again.

She goes and checks but again there is no one. She comes back. Oh No! the cloth has been removed again. Now it’s getting scary. She tries to re position the cloth, but there is something inside it. the girl steps back in fear.

As she tries to run towards the door, the door closes. She tries to open it but fails. She again goes near the mirror, tries to remove the cloth and see what’s there. That was a bad, bad idea. Because the mirror had already allowed someone to pass through it and enter girl’s bedroom…..

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