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Dark Circles Chapter 6 – The Knife Attack


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents. Like Dead body

About the episode

Ever had an experience of killing someone in your dreams. I am sure you did. If yes, you should understand this story as it starts. But if your answer is no, this story is for you to see what happens when you dream about something like that.

Story | Dead Body

Living with your husbands abuses, badmouthing, his rude behaviour and many other things forces you to think about getting a sigh of relief from this. But as a woman, you think you are not strong enough to do something like that.

However, this story ‘The Knife Attack’ is not for those women who can’t take step to make their life peaceful. This story is about a couple, actually about a wife only. She happily married with the person who loved her the most. Unfortunately, things changed between them. The love was not the same, nor was the husband.

Her husband used to abuse her almost everyday. He taunts her about being late in serving food, and making him happy in this marriage. On the other side, she makes all the possible efforts to stay with her husband peacefully.

One day, as she was in the kitchen, her husband, as usual, kept shouting at her from the TV lounge for serving him food. He was abusing her badly. She came with a knife and stood in front of him. As he continued abusing, she attacked him with the knife multiple times and killed him.

After a second, when her husband was breathless, she realized what she did. Now she gets worried as to what to do with the body and how to hide it. She hides the body in the washroom so that no one could see that. She washes her face where there was blood and comes in the TV lounge. As she relaxes on the couch, someone knocks at the door.

On no, who is it now? She thinks and takes the shelter of the wall to hide and see who it is. When the door opens, she sees her husband standing there. Wait, what?

Yes, it was her husband who came back from the office. He entered the home. Put his coat on the bed and rushed to washroom. As he opened the door of the washroom, he finds a dead body.

The dead body was none other than his wife. Oh yes, his own wife whom she had killed in the morning while leaving for office. Both husband and wife had brawl and the husband took the knife and murdered his wife brutally. He left her body in the washroom and then left for work. So, it means the husband was the murderer of his wife whereas the wife, who was already killed, was dreaming of killing her husband.

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