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Dark Circles Chapter 4 – The Lift


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents | The Lift

The Lift | About the episode

Ever been invited by someone at the home for dinner? Or went to meet someone special at their house and find something strange? If your answer is no, then you should see this episode. It will tell you what adventures you might have to witness while visiting someone for the first time.


The man meets a lady at the railway station and helps her with something. The lady appreciates him and gives her phone number. Days passed and the man thought he should try her number and see if there would be any chance of meeting.

He calls the lady and reminds her of the first meeting. The lady recognizes him and invites him over. He accepts the invitation and reaches the address the lady provided him.

The man, who seems quite happy for his date, witnesses something strange when he enters the lift. Every time the lift opens, he sees a little girl standing there, looking at him. At first, he ignores her on first and second floor until he finds her standing at almost every floor. Now he gets worried.

Finally, at fourth floor, the girl disappears. But the man, just to make sure, comes out of the lift and looks for the girl. Suddenly the girl comes from nowhere and calls him. He runs inside the lift and pushes the button to reach the fifth floor where the lady was waiting for him.

Finally when he reaches fifth floor, he comes out of the lift. But wait, it’s not the fifth floor. IT’S THE FIRST FLOOR. How’s it possible?

The girl emerges. He runs upstairs to escape from the girl. He reaches fifth floor and starts knocking at the door. The door opens. He s now breathing heavily and telling the story to the lady.

Lady tells him that there is a common impression about this building that a lady and her daughter had committed suicide in their apartment and their spirits still live in this building. People often see them here.

Anyway, it’s time for a drink. The lady asks what would he like. He leaves the choice to her and tells him whatever she offers. The lady calls her daughter and asks her to bring something for the man. Wait! The daughter. Oh no, this is the same girl, the one seen on every floor. So does this mean that……

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