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Dark Circles Chapter 3 – Aatma (Badrooh)


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents | Evil Sprit | Aatma

Aatma | Badrooh About the episode

Ever had experience of inviting evil spirit (aatma) at your house? What would you do if any of your friend challenges you to call demon at your house, especially when the power is out? Will you take the risk? Or leave the challenge so that you could be called coward by your friends? Want to know what to do? Here’s the story where you will see such an incident happening.

This is about conversation between two friends. A friend challenges other friend to call evil spirit at her house. The other friend refuses to do such thing. However, after too much insisting, she accepts the challenge. Ever imagined of doing that in a home full of darkness? Nope, I know you didn’t.

The girl goes in the kitchen, lights two candles and comes back in the hall. She then takes her phone to record a video. She opens her phone’s camera and starts recording herself.

While she goes live on video, she tells her friends about her adventure she was doing at night. She calls the evil spirit two to three times and laughs. She then tells her friends that there is no such thing like evil spirit or demons.

Something happens…

Suddenly, she hears someone banging on the door. Oh no. Has it come? the evil spirit? Seriously? Knocking at the door? Why didn’t it come directly if it’s evil? Many questions started to rise in her mind.

The scared lady takes steps slowly slowly towards the door. When she reaches the door, she waits and thinks whether she should open it or not. While she was thinking, someone knocks again. She finally decides to open it.

Oh Gosh, it’s YOU. Her fear vanished as she saw her husband standing on the other side of the door. There is no evil. It’s my husband.

Go and change so that we could have dinner together. She tells her husband. As he enters the room, she again takes phone and starts video again, telling her friends that it’s her husband, and not any demon or evil spirit.

Husband is calling. Oh Shit! Why is he calling if he is already home? Should I pick up the call or not? What should I do? And then she takes the call.

Whatever her husband was saying was increasing her fear. The husband was not coming home early. He will be late as there was a lot of work he got to do. Who is it in the bedroom then? Oh No! No, No No….

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