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Dark Circles Chapter 2 – The Ghost


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents | The Ghost

The Ghost | About the episode

In this episode ‘The Ghost’, a girl is seen alone in her apartment. As she was busy on her laptop, she hears her bedroom’s door opening by itself. She turns towards it and looks if there is someone. When no one enters the bedroom, she decides to go and check outside of her room but finds no one. Truely speaking i feel scary while I am writting to post.

She comes back and again gets busy with her laptop, enjoying Facebook. The door again moves. She goes and checks again. But no one again.

While she comes back in her bedroom, she looks at her laptop and finds that the video camera was turned on this time on her laptop. She looks closely. The door opens again. Now this is becoming scary.

As she looks in her laptop screen, she finds a girl standing behind her. This is fearful. She starts feeling fear now. She turns back and sees if it’s just a thought of mind because of being alone at home. There is no one standing there.

She again sees the screen and finds that girl behind her. But she’s nowhere in real. She tries to ignore her, but the fear overtakes her mind and she couldn’t control it. She turns of the laptop out of fear. Seems that was not the solution and the girl standing behind her didn’t care about it.

And then she comes side-by-side to her. It gets scarier to even looking at her face as it was not the one who was welcomed at home.

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