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Dark Circles Chapter 1 – Under The Bed


Dark Circles is a horror series of Ibex Media House. It comprises of several episodes based on fearful incidents | Under The Bed

Under The Bed | About the Episode

This episode ‘Under The Bed’ shows the incident of a house where a man wakes up at midnight. He goes to the kitchen to have some water. While he was drinking water, he hears his daughter screaming in her room. He rushes to her room and holds her in his hands.

The daughter tells him that there is someone in her room. Father assures her that there isn’t anyone. She just had a nightmare. But the daughter keeps crying and insisting that there is someone in the room. When the father asks where could it be, the daughter tells him it’s under the bed.

The father then gets under the bed to see if there is something. As he opens torch of his mobile phone to see, he is shocked to see his daughter under the bed. Feeling fear, the man gets up. He gets shocked again. His daughter was sitting on the bed. He screams and runs out of the room.

His wife holds him and asks what happened? He points towards his daughter’s room without saying anything out of fear. His wife goes into the room and holds her daughter. The man then comes in the room and sees that the daughter is sleeping in her wife’s lap. He gets surprised, yet still in shock.

However, he comes back in room and locks the door. Suddenly he hears a voice from behind, asking if the girl went to sleep. He turns slowly and sees that his wife is sleeping on the bed, looking at him. The daughter was right, there was someone, but not under the …, it was in the house.

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