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Pakistan Dam Fund

Pakistan’s former Chief Justice, Justice (Retired) Saqib Nisar launched a campaign throughout the country to develop a dam to store the rainwater as Pakistan was running short of water very quickly.

He requested the entire nation to contribute in the dam fund as much as they can so that the project could be completed as soon as possible and the country would get more water to add in the storage.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and other civil-military leadership also requested people to donate in the dam fund.

Why there is need to make dams?

Our neighbour India, its prime minister, Narendra Modi claim that they will stop the water flow to Pakistan through Indus river that is situated on both sides of the border. Mr. Modi said that the water belonged to India so the flow of water would be stopped to Pakistan and diverted to the Indian states. It would be the violation of Indus Water Treaty.

It seemed the conspiracy of international establishment to support India in this cause and spark the outrage between both countries over water dispute. However, Pakistan fought back and responded to India. Pakistan’s political and military leadership warned India that it shouldn’t even think about having a water dispute with Pakistan or it would face severe consequences.

The Chief Justice, Prime Minister and other leadership then launched the campaign to gather funds in order to develop a dam so that it would be easy to have a water storage source for decades and Indian threat would made no effect on Pakistan.

However, it seems that our own people are our enemies and they are supporting Indian cause too. Soon after the dam fund campaign was launched, the opposition parties started criticising the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister and said that the country doesn’t need any dam, it needs schools and hospitals, wide roads and modern transport.

Some said that begging for the dam is not a solution. It won’t send any positive image of Pakistan to the entire world. Upon this criticism, India and the rest of the world, the enemies of Pakistan seemed happy and might have felt relaxed. They will be thinking that Pakistan has its own enemies inside. It doesn’t need any new enemies. The people in the opposition would not let the incumbent government make dams and save the country.

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