cheater girl friend

Cheater Girl Friend – Dhokay Baaz Bachi

Story of Cheater Girl Friend

In the world full of cheaters and unfaithful people, it becomes difficult to find one who could stay loyal to you. This story ‘Cheater Girl friend‘ also revolves around such a couple. However, no matter how faithful or caring one becomes, there is always a chance of fight.

In this Cheater Girl friend, a guy could be seen feeling sad and telling the story to his friend about his recent fight with his girlfriend. As he was telling the story, his friend was busy in phone and suddenly asks him if he has broken up with his girlfriend. He denies of doing anything like that. And then the friend shows him the pictures of his girlfriend on a dating site. He gets shocked.

However, he asks his friend to invite her for a dinner date and make her realize that how perfect his own boyfriend is for her. The friend agrees to do that. He fixes a date with his girlfriend and they meet at a dining place.

The friend tries to do every peculiar thing to make the girl realize that she was making a mistake finding any other guy. But it turns out that the girl was liking his behaviour. Their plan was failing.

After the dinner date, the friend tells the guy whole story and apologizes to him that he couldn’t manage to help him. The guy then decides to go to the girl and tell him the truth about setting up the date with his own friend just to test her.

And the truth was something else

While he was telling her the truth about the date with his friend, the girl listens to him carefully and tries to say something but the guy doesn’t give him any chance to speak. As he was talking, his friend also comes there. When the guy finishes talking, the girl says that it was not her, it was her twin sister. Both guys get shocked.

And then the girl’s twin sister comes. They both exactly look same. The two guys look at both of them surprisingly. But the facial expressions of girls were telling some other story. Both girls slap the guys for testing the loyalty of them and playing with their feelings.

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