Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari: Social media destroys mental peace

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari remained in headlines for last few days after rumors of her divorce and second marriage were being spread on social media. She however refuted those rumors and said that no one should interfere in someone’s personal life or discuss it on social platforms.

Bushra Ansari recently opened up about the affect these kind of rumors and other social media discussions put on one’s mind. She said that her mental peace was destroyed when she came to know that she was being trolled on social media regarding fake news about her second marriage.

She also criticised the young generation for sharing content without any verification and authentication. She also slammed them for interfering in other’s life and taking interest in trolling them on social media. The Aangan Terha actress said that the young generation has forgotten basic social norms and ethics.

Bushra Ansari

“They have forgotten basic social ethics and what our religion teaches us. Who knows, I pray five times a day, but people have to comment on judging others based on their looks and attires,” Bushra said, adding that these trolls have destroyed her mental peace and caused untold pain to her and those closer to her.

She continued: “They’re destroying lives, judging people, forgetting their ethics. They label people as bad, forgetting that if someone calls them with similar names, they won’t even find a place to hide.”

She also gave a suggestion to the young generation and said that they should do some productive work rather than wasting their time on social media.

Bushra Ansari

“Wherever you go, you will find our youth busy with their phones, some are chatting on WhatsApp, some are liking pictures on Facebook, and the others are enjoying TikTok. Seems no once cars about their future. This is sad.”

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