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Sam Mendes, the ‘Bond’ director returns after four years

Sam Mendes, the famous Hollywood director who has given some great mega action movies including Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, is now back in business with a new project in making.

The Oscar-winning director did not work on any project after his last major feature films from the James Bond 007 series, Skyfall and Spectre four years ago.

But now, after being inspired by his grandfather’s experiences, Sam Mendes has decided to make an ambitious drama that will be based on the front lines of World War One in “1917”.

“Set during a single day in April 1917, the film, presented as a sweeping continuous shot, follows two young British soldiers, Blake and Schofield, who are sent as messengers across enemy territory to stop a dawn attack on retreating German soldiers,” said Mendes while describing the plot of the movie in an interview.

“The retreat is actually a trap, and with communications down, the duo are the only hope of saving hundreds of British soldiers from death, one of whom is Blake’s brother” he added.

Talking about how his grandfather inspired him for this movie, Mendes said: “(My grandfather) fought in the war between 1916 and 1918 and he told us many stories that stayed with me to this day.”

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“It’s not about my grandfather but it’s inspired by my grandfather. He told us one story about carrying a single message across no man’s land and that little image kept pulling at me and it wouldn’t let me go.”

Mendes further added: “Even though this was ambitious and tiring in its own way, it’s not nearly as ambitious as shooting on five continents and 20 cameras and all that stuff that goes with Bond.

“Even though there were hundreds of people, it was about a war, only one camera, two central characters and a single linear narrative and just one two-hour period in real time of one day in 1917, it felt like a holiday compared to Bond,” Mendes was talking to the media at the film’s London world premiere on Wednesday.

British Royal family members, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla attended the premiere.

For the cast, Mendes has selected two lesser-known actors George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman along with Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott.

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