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Bay Parda | Short Film

Bay Parda is a short film story that explains the problems being faced by girls in today’s society. The story tells how a girl who belongs to decent family seeks a job in media and what she thinks she would have to do in order to get a job in any organisation.

Story of Bay Parda

In this short film Bay Parda, a girl Sana Naqvi is seen covered in a veil coming for an interview in a media organisation. She starts facing problems the moment she steps out of an auto rickshaw. When reached the destination, Sana finds two guys starring at her and misbehaving with her. So, she thrashes them and makes them run away.

However, Sana enters the office building and takes to reception to ask about the status of her interview. She is told to wait for her call. While waiting, Sana soon observes that she’s being noticed by other girls for her covered face.

Next Scene

In the next scene of Bay Parda, the girl [Sana] enters the room where director is expecting her for the interview and the audition. After a little introduction, the director asks her to give the audition and act according to the script. She follows the instructions.

After that, she is told by the director that she would be cast in some other act if available. Upon hearing this, Sana starts pleading to the director and tells him that she needs work and it is important project for her. However, the director tells her to stay patient and wait for the opportunity.

Here, Sana feels that she should go for the ‘compromise’ and follow the formula of give and take. She removes her Abaya in front of the director and stands as she is ready for anything that could earn her the role. Director looks at her, turns to her and asks her to take her abaya, cover her body. She gets surprised and looks at the director as she couldn’t believe what he said. The director then asks her to leave saying that he was not that kind of person who uses girls for his own interests.

The story is written by Ibn-e-Aas, produced by GM Jamali and directed by Aijaz Qureshi.

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