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American vlogger says Pakistan is affordable and hospitable

Ever felt proud of your country? Of course, we all do! Pakistan is blessed with beautiful places like Saif-ul-Maluk Lake, Naran-Kaghan, Swat Valley, Naltar Valley, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Shangrila resort, Skardu, Deosai Plains, Rama Meadow, Kerthar area and many more. Tourist attractions never disappoint anyone. This is what American Vlogger Alyne Tamir said after she visited Pakistan and witnessed the colors here.

Alyne Tamir, popularly known as Dear Alyne, toured Pakistan recently and it seems she enjoyed here alot.

The American vlogger made a video of all the things she saw, all the places she visited and all the people she met. According to her, she enjoyed everything one can do in the country under $100.

Dear Alyne visited some mega cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. When she came to Karachi, she took a mini bus ride, standing on the entrance and exit gates of the bus, in the conductor-style, and captioned it as ” Hello, it’s me, your local Karachi Bus driver”.

The travel influencer posted many pictures on Instagram that tell us that she visited many attractive places. She didn’t leave the chance to take picture on every destination she was taken. Below are some pictures of her that she posted on Instagram.

With the above picture, Alyne wrote that after 70 countries, Pakistan is the only country she will remember the most. She hinted at doing a group trip to Pakistan someday.

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” The last day in Pakistan was the BEST! I hope to come back and do some work here someday, I want to see the mountain lakes (for more than 1 hour- next time I plan the itinerary HAHA), spend time with all the amazing new BFF’s I made, and of course, make more videos!

In one of her posts regarding Pakistan, Alyne said that she was allowed Pakistani visa despite the fact that her father is Israeli, but her Muslim boyfriend was denied the entry as he holds an Israeli passport.

Hi Mom and Dad! Everything’s fine. It’s a bizarre loophole that I can come to Pakistan, a country that doesn’t allow Israeli passport holders. My Dad is Israeli but I am American, and my MUSLIM boyfriend can’t enter (because he holds an Israeli passport). So here I am! The American! With an Israeli Dad.

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