Akon speaks about Islam at Sharjah Entrepreneurial Festival

Most of you might not know about famous rapper Akon and about his belief. But those who consider him as their favorite star would surely have all the details about the singer-rapper. Akon is Muslim by birth and he follows the teachings of Islam.

The pop star spoke his heart out at an event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and revealed the reason behind his success. Any guess what did he say? No? Okay, let’s make it easy for you. Akon said that ‘his Muslim faith is the reason behind his success’. Yes, you read it absolutely right.

The venue was Sharjah Expo Centre and the event was Sharjah Entrepreneurial Festival where the pop star was invited to perform. However, the Gulf country, and the fans of Akon saw a different version of the pop star, and this might have given Goosebumps to most of the participants.

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Instead of entertaining the audience with some of his famous tunes, the rapper chose to speak on spirituality, about Islam, and about Allah.

The ‘Smack That’ told the audience that he was born in a Muslim family in Senegal, that’s why he follows the Islamic belief and this is the only secret of his success.

“Sometimes things happen when you don’t want them to happen, and when God wants it to happen. And I think that’s a side that entrepreneurs dismiss – the spiritual side of your goal or the spiritual side of your success,” Akon said.

“For me, real success is faith. If God is not smiling upon me I am not successful. I don’t care even if I have a billion dollars in the bank. And what good am I if I have a billion dollars sitting in the bank in the first place?”

The ‘Lonely’ singer also told the audience not to judge people from their appearances because no one knows what is in their hearts.

“Now I am not in a position to judge any man and I don’t expect them to judge me as well, but no matter what decision you decide to make just do right by it. Because, at the end of the day, Allah is watching and he knows what is in your heart.”

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