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After Hamza, is Kubra Khan also leaving showbiz?

Social media was on storm after the rumours that renowned Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has decided to quit the showbiz industry, forever.

Fans of the Pakistani drama are already in shock after charming actor Hamza Ali Abbasi had announced that he was bidding adieu to the showbiz industry to preach Islam. In a video posted on his social media handle, Hamza said that he had been thinking about leaving the industry for the last 10 years.

“This [decision] is based on 10 years of research and during this time, I have worked on correcting myself which itself was a struggle,” Hamza said.

He further added that he will try to shape his life in accordance with Islam. Hamza Ali Abbasi also held that he will make content that would not be unethical or bold in any way.

However, after the shocking announcement by Hamza, fans today received a bad news that Kubra Khan was also going to say goodbye to the industry. Thank God that the actor later rubbished the rumors and said that she didn’t say anything about leaving the showbiz.

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Kubra, in an interview, said that she loves her acting career and has no plans of leaving the industry.

“So no, I’m not leaving the industry. Unless, years down, I feel like I’m not doing what I set out to do, then yes, I will change paths, and this has nothing to do with money,” she said.

Kubra further added: “I’m no religious scholar. I’m just somebody who wants to learn the right way of life, and I will try my best to do everything in my power to do that. I’m just somebody who wants to be guided on a path that makes Allah happy and not the path that makes him upset at me.”

Well, maybe the rumors started doing rounds after one of her interviews from past in which she talked about the experience of knowing her spiritual self during these past couple of months.

But the good news is that she is not going to disappear from the screen. So, chill people! Kubra will stay right here, right with us and will keep showing her skills on the screen.

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