Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami: ‘As a Muslim, I feel safe in India’

Popular singer Adnan Sami Khan, who was born in the United Kingdom (UK) but made his name in Pakistan with his singing, seems to be liking his new nationality, and calls himself a proud Indian.

Adnan Sami earned prominence in India with his famous songs Thodi Si To Lift Karadey and Kabhi Nahii. He lived in the country for quite some time after leaving Pakistan. He applied for the Indian nationality as well, and after years of wait, he finally was awarded the citizenship in 2016.

Adnan Sami

Since he got his citizenship, Pakistanis started to label him as a spy and criticised him for leaving Pakistan and living in India. The singer, however, responded to all the criticism on his social media accounts and said that people should at least respect him as he is free to choose what he should do and where he should live. It’s his decision to live in India as he feels ‘satisfied’ with living there.


Pakistanis were not the only problem for Adnan. He was also trolled in India and faced some serious problems due to the media backlash. But the singer did not care about it and kept moving forward. Recently, when other celebrities spoke on the drastic situation in New Delhi and other states of India after Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Adnan Sami also opened up about the act and said that the CAA is for the betterment of India and its citizens.

“As a Muslim, I feel safe in India. Citizenship Amendment Act is for fast-tracking people wanting citizenship and is not for Indians in India,” he said in an interview.

Adnan Sami

He added: “I am a Muslim. I respect all religions, I celebrate all religions. I celebrate humanity in whichever form it comes. I had so many options, but if I felt that I wanted to come to India, being a Muslim doesn’t that say something about how secure I would feel.”

To a question regarding the ongoing riots and attacks against Muslims in India, Adnan Sami said:

“I hope peace is restored soon. Being a musician, I always talk about love and peace. I request everyone to talk and maintain peace. I request everyone to respect life and there is nothing that conversation can sort out all issues. I request people to bring peace in the country. I fold my hands and request people to foster peace and harmony.”

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