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Abhinandan First Interview on Indian Media

indian pilot, We are bringing another useless show of Indian media. The same television channel, same content, same useless anchor of Indian media and the same hype that they create all the time.

This time it is about Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman who was captured by the Pakistan Army when he tried to show off his skills and bravery, crossed the Line of Control (LoC) and entered Pakistani territory. Mr. Abhinandan was here to attack the Pakistani army base. However, Pakistani fighter pilots of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) responded befittingly and brought the Indian Mig 21 down and arrested the ‘brave pilot’.

Unlike India, Pakistan did not treat the enemy rudely. The Pakistani forces took good care of Abhinandan Varthaman. He was given medical aide and the breakfast too!

In a video that Pakistan Army released, the Indian pilot could be seen enjoying the Pakistani tea. A Pakistan Army official asked him, “How is the tea?” The Indian pilot replied, “Tea is fantastic”. That video went viral within seconds. It was a goodwill gesture by Pakistan.

However, Indian media couldn’t digest that behaviour and lashed at Pakistan and its army. In the published video of ours, the Indian channel invited Abhinandan to ask how he was treated. Abhinandan seems praising Pakistan Army for good behaviour.

The Indian pilot seemed missing Pakistan and of course the breakfast he was offered here. Despite many attempts of maligning image of Pakistan using their pilot, Indian media couldn’t show the world anything against Pakistan. Hence, the case dismissed!

Oh, and another thing. India could only make false claims of surgical strikes in Pakistan. In reality, they could not even cross the boundary line safely and attack Pakistan. We hope by now, India has learnt a lesson and next time, it will not take any risk to attack Pakistan or send their jets to crash on the Pakistani soil. Long Live Pakistan!

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